Green Ideas

I am currently deciding what doors and windows I will use, so an Energy Report can be completed for the cottage. This with the building plans, including an engineer’s seal, will be sent to the Oconee Building Dept. That should start things for permits to be issued. I also need to complete the form for the health department to work on the septic plan.

We have not decided what to do about a driveway/road to the back part of the property. Gravel is hard to contain and blacktop or concrete is expensive and not water permeable. Still searching for a solution. At least it is mostly flat and firm surface for now. I don’t know what it will look like after construction trucks.

Since there is no roof line on a dome, I will not have gutters for rain barrels. I decided to have a French drain built all around the perimeter, with a pump to transfer any rainwater to a holding tank for the garden.

With Soul’s Ease being such a big place, we will probably be able to set up an array of solar panels out in the meadow, but it is not first item on our list of changes. Another item to wait for the house to sell.

View from side of cottage toward Sharon’s house. There is a lot of space.


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