Yard Transformation

I wanted to show what a difference our resident avid gardener has made in less than a year.

Before – driveway circle

There is a circle in the driveway that has power to a light pole and a line to an old well, which we will see about fixing for garden irrigation.

Current – driveway circle

Across the south side of the front yard was a thick growth of vines and weeds under some pines.

Before – SW corner of yard

Current – SW corner of yard

Before – front yard to south

Current – front yard to south

As you can see in the pictures, Sharon has done a lot of clearing and planted an azalea garden. Beyond it on the neighboring property was a decrepit building that has been removed, leaving just a concrete block building for potential commercial use

Before – driveway

Current – driveway

On the other side, Sharon has been maintaining the yard for an out-of-state owner who will fix the house for rental. The neighborhood is getting revitalized.


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One response to “Yard Transformation”

  1. Charlotte Jermyn says :

    Donna, I had the good fortune to visit with Sharon after the Greenville RG and was very impressed with the whole place! Your idea of building a dome home is quite sound! Mensa’s own Buckminster Fuller was the fellow who really developed these, y’know, so you’re in good company. BTW, Hugo the nasty hurricane, didn’t take out the dome homes on the island next to ours on the coast!

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