Permits and site location

Locating the Cottage Site

I visited Soul’s Ease over Memorial weekend, a couple days early to be able to meet people in the Building Code department of Oconee County. Even though I do not plan to start construction before August, I needed to get some information of what was required. Very nice people, and they were interested in the idea of a dome home. I got some information and they sent me along to see someone in the Health department about a septic system.

The property uses Seneca city water, but is not on a sewer line. The good news there is that I just have to pay the fee and they get soil perc test, map out the locations of tank and drainage beds, all things that I read about online and was afraid I’d choose wrong. That is my first item to complete and send in. Before I left, Sharon and I marked out the location of the house as required. Easy for a dome, just choose the center for setting a stake, attach a rope and mark the circle. We were afraid the paint would not last, and be mowed away, but Sharon had the great idea to spray it with Roundup. There is now a very obvious brown circle.


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