I had decided my job was wearing me out, as I was developing too many aches and pains, and needed less stress, so my retirement will be August 1 this year. A couple years early, but I will manage. My parents also retired early for their health and never regretted it. So I am starting plans to build another house in the meadow. It will be a small cottage, temporary until I fix up and sell my house in Virginia. Then I can afford to build a larger place with room to have guests. We expect and hope to have many friends visit us. It is less than 2 hours from Atlanta, Charlotte, or Asheville, and next door to Greenville.

I have lived in the mountains for quite a long time and after last year’s severe storms, I started worrying about possible tornados. I have already had to recover from a flood 27 years ago and do not want to face disaster in my old age. I changed from looking at Katrina cottages to looking at earth-sheltered homes, and realized a geodesic dome, which I’d long admired, would also be a good choice.

I am starting arrangements to have a 22 foot diameter dome with a 12 foot side room constructed there later this year. My first experience with building a house, and there is a lot to learn, even if I am not swinging a hammer.
I looked into websites about geothermal heating and cooling, but decided at this point in my life I probably would not get enough payback for the cost. The dome itself is much more energy efficient anyway.

Existing house


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One response to “Decisions”

  1. Dale Woods says :

    Nice start! I look forward to following your progress.

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