Building Retirement

View of meadow toward back of Soul’s Ease property

My plans for retirement began about 15 years ago when 4 other women friends and I, who were all single at the time and living in different cities started emailing each other as a group. We were not discussing savings and investments, but practical issues of being alone as we age. We came up with an idea for a retirement colony of friends. Sharon came up with the name Soul’s Ease. Over the years our situations changed, relationships, jobs, and financial, and Peggy passed away young. But we have had discussions with many friends over time and still kept the idea in the back of our minds.

A year ago Sharon and I decided to start looking around the Seneca SC area for property. I had enough money from my mother’s estate to make a down payment, and with the real estate market so slow, it seemed the right time. We found a wonderfully flat 3 1/3 acres just outside of town, with a nice stone house. We closed on June 3, 2011 and Soul’s Ease was born.

Sharon moved into the house, and as a Master Gardener, has started to transform the yard surrounding it. The meadow behind is being mowed and the encroaching vines and weeds around the edges are being turned back. It really looks wonderful.


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